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Saturday Evening: Banquet

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After the tour, we all met for the Annual Banquet. Left: Members gather in the Banquet Room. Gene Ramaly looking for his table. Right: Nope, not assigned seating. Everybody was on their own to locate a seat for the evening. Picture is a delegation from the Fifth Sub, including Hoosier Line Editor, Cecil Smith.

Old "Nine Joints" provided some pre-dinner entertainment with his mastery of the piano. Unfortunately he was unable to recall how to play "Mares Eat Oats And Goats Eat Oats" or "Smoke On The Water". Maybe next year Ron.




And yes, we checked. Ron was not using a player piano.





Left: After President Van Bree appointed Max Foltz as Convention Entertainment Chairman, The Frank Van Bree 5 provided the members with their rendition of "Up and down the Monon." (Cecil Smith Photograph) Right: And recieved almost a standing ovation.

Convention Chairman Tom Rankin pondering the weekend's events, or he has given up on Bob Wheeler's Quiz From Hell. Dan Seldin and Don Brooks also appear totally wrapped up in the quiz.




After the Invocation by President Van Bree, it is off to the Buffet. The evening's meal was excellent. If anyone left hungry, it was their own fault.





Next came some special moments. President Van Bree receives a replica of the brass Monon herald that were affixed to the sides of the business cars from Ron Marquardt and Dave McKalip. They will be available to Society members, contact Tim Walter for more details. They are a special order item. (Cecil Smith Photograph)



Detailed picture of the herald presented to President Van Bree


Our Guest Speaker, John B. Goodrich, spoke on his years of employment with the Monon Railroad. John served as Vice President Of Law and Secretary/ Treasurer from 1963-1969. John kept everyone interested as he talked about his hand in several aspects of the railroad and its operation. (Cecil Smith Photograph.)





Finally, for those on the List Serve, who were unable to attend, a group picture.

Sunday: Swap Meet

Dealers arrive early to set up their tables.




Society member Kevin Heggi attempts to get the jump on his swap meet shopping. The gentleman setting up his table, John Strombeck of Mishawaka, Indiana, later presented the Monon Railroad Historical Technical Society with 100 of their Monon photographs, many of which have never been seen.





Left: "No, you can't go in until 9 a.m. So you know Van Bree, big deal. 9 a.m. and not a second sooner." Right: Looks like Kevin Heggi has found something that he is pondering whether there will be peace and harmony back at the ranch later tonight if he buys it.

According to Monon Stores Chairman, Tim Walter, "we had our best show ever." Sounds like they had far less product returning to WHQ.


Your Webmaster has spys everywhere. (Too bad they can't take better pictures!) Caught on film! Max Foltz conceeding the election to Frank Van Bree. Naturally this was seconds after Frank advised Max that "revenge is a dish which tastes best when served cold ". Frank has been hanging around Chicago politicians too long.



Annual Meeting


Left: El President, Frank Van Bree, calls the 2004 Annual Meeting to order. Right: President Van Bree notices that one of the officers is missing. "Looks like we have to appoint someone to take the Secretary's place. Ummmm, whom should I appoint?"


President Van Bree obviously can not count on any support from George "Speak No Evil"Carpenter III, Steve "Hear No Evil" Long or Dan "See No Evil" Seldin. Oh well, at least they are not being called Moe, Larry and Curly.




"Members of the Society, I give you Max Foltz, acting Secretary and until recently Chairman of the Re-Elect Van Bree Committee. Congratulations Max!"




"Max, of course you have to write down everything said. Not so funny now, huh Photoshop boy? Make sure all names are spelled correctly. But first, lead the members present in the Pledge Of Allegiance."



Although a close election for President, Frank Van Bree was re-elected after Yetzie Marquardt and Max Foltz were disqualified for not being Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society, Inc. Board Of Directors members and therefore not eligible for nomination for an officer seat. All seated officers and board members were re-elected.


Another Monon homecoming. The yard limit sign from Wallace Junction. Rescued by Mike Albert and friends. Good job. Also the Board acknowledged John and Jeff Strombeck, of Mishawka, Indiana, for their donation of 100 monon photographs from their personal collection. Sounds like another CD project on the horizon.



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