2003 Convention Pictures

Monticello, Indiana

Bright and early Saturday morning. Getting aboard the tour bus. "Come on people, we are burning daylight. Move it, move it... Anyone seen Bob Wheeler? Oh, that's right, he is at Purdue's Homecoming."







The first part of the bus tour was interesting. (That is if you find looking at farmer's fields, crossroads and points on a map interesting.) By the time we hit Kersey, people were wondering, is this all there is? At Kersey, we found something! The rails these conventioneers are checking out date back to the early 1900's and the Chicago and Wabash Valley Railroad. This location was part of the mainline. There was much rejoicing, Yea!






Because we were so far ahead of the schedule, the 2003 tour was expanded to include a stop at South Hammond. Pictured is the foundation of the former freight house off of 173rd. There was lots of exploration at this stop. No, we did not lose anyone.




Somebody asked if we would be going past the old Creston Depot. No, we did not pass by it. The tour stopped and everyone was allowed to see the depot up close and personal. Inside and out. Inside is pretty much the same as it was when it was part of the Monon Railroad. It was another feature of a great tour. And to squash any and all rumors: No there was no attempt by Steve Long to come back Sunday and load it into the bed of his pickup.




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