2003 Convention Banquet Pictures

Some of the ladies of the Monon Society gather for a picture before the banquet. Many attended the alternate trip to Delphi, Indiana. Rumor has it they had a great time.





The Banquet also included an appearance by the Carpenters. No not the singers.





Dan Seldin appears to be enjoying himself. Chances are he's probably thinking, "okay when do we eat, I'm starving." (Note Convention Chairman Tom Rankin, to the left in the background, working the room like a politician.)




Robert Wheeler giving the answers to the 2003 Convention Quiz. Did anyone get all the answers correct, well then tell them what they have won Bob.......




President Van Bree is either asking for our undivided attention, attempting to quiet the crowd, or announcing that dinner is served.







It's "Cookie" time. Mahlon "Cookie" Eberhard was the Guest Speaker and boy did he deliver.





President Frank Van Bree comes to grips with the fact that Mahlon "Cookie" Eberhard is one tough act to follow.


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